Wednesday, 21 September 2011

A simple change...

When you look at our public open spaces what would you like to see, a flower rich sward buzzing with life, or closely mown grass with no weeds?
At a time when there is increasing anxiety about loss of ‘biodiversity’ and in particular the decline in bees, which are of huge economic importance, perhaps we should think about this.
A simple change in the management of amenity grassland could allow the regeneration of wild flowers which, in turn, would increase the pollen and nectar available for bees, butterflies, and other less charismatic, but equally important, invertebrates. 
If the blades of cutters were adjusted so that they were never lower than about 2’’ (except in the areas where there is good reason for the grass to be kept shorter such as sports pitches) low growing species such as clovers and trefoils would be able to set seed. 
There is a perception in some quarters that the public would be resistant to such a change, but I am not so sure.  Perhaps now is the time to open the debate – what do you think?
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